Star Pet of the Week

Star Pet of the Week

Submit your picture to us and we will select a new Star Pet of the Week every Saturday Night. Each Sunday the new Star Pet of the Week will be posted until the following Sunday. If your pet is wearing clothing or a costume purchased from us in the photo you will receive a surprise coupon code in your email. Submit your pet's picture to

This Weeks Star Pet Is Milee!

"Hi My Name Is Milee

This is Milee. She is this weeks Star Pet of the Week! Milee is an adorable Pitbull Mix and is the pup of our customer Candace Kopiak. Milee is a playful and very lovable dog. In the photo Milee is featuring our Rainbow Hat, Scarf, and Gloves. They look great on her!

Remember, your pet can be next week's Star Pet of the Week by submitting a picture of your pet to by Saturday 3pm.

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